Event Access & Ticketing System Overview

Unlock the potential of seamless event management with our QR Code Event Access System. Streamline attendee entry, eliminate ticketing hassles, and ramp up your event security. Ideal for event planners, concert promoters, and venue managers who crave efficiency and sophistication in their operations.

Experience instant check-ins, real-time attendance tracking, and efficient ticket management. Minimize queues, reduce paper waste, and enhance your event's green footprint. Simplify your event process today with our QR Code Event Access System - Because every second counts!

Step 1: Generate a Unique QR Code

Each attendee will receive a unique QR code upon ticket purchase. The QR code is linked to their ticket details and can be saved on their mobile device.

Step 2: Scan the QR Code

On the event day, attendees simply present their QR code at the entry point. Staff will scan the code using a regular QR code scanner or a mobile device.

Step 3: Validate Entry

The system will instantly verify the ticket's validity and update the attendee's check-in status. Attendees gain swift access while you maintain full control of the event's entry points.

Step 4: Monitor Real-Time Data

Keep track of attendee check-ins in real-time. Access the data through a simple dashboard, empowering you to make informed decisions for crowd management and security.

Use Case Example

Suppose you're producing a concert with a ticket price of $20. Our platform applies a small service fee, which includes 3% of the ticket price, and an additional flat rate of $1.50. So for a $20 ticket, that's 60 cents (3% of $20) plus $1.50, totaling to $2.10.

On top of this, there's a 2.5% charge to handle the transaction. For a $20 ticket, this comes out to an extra 50 cents.

So overall, the extra cost per ticket is just $2.60 ($2.10 for the service fee + $0.50 for the transaction handling). This is lower than what you'd pay on Eventbrite, which charges $3.11 for the same $20 ticket. And unlike other platforms, we're open about how these additional charges break down.

So why wait? Start planning your next event with us today and enjoy lower fees and a smoother ticketing experience! Click here to get started.

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